New Year, New Tools!

So this past November, Inventables was having a Black Friday special on their X-Carve CNC machines. I have always wanted to get a CNC and figured it was time to get one. After all, there is that saying, "You've got to spend money, to make money!" And boy...did I spend.
While there is a relatively high cost to having your own personal CNC machine, the products you can produce are only limited by your imagination (relative to the constraints of your machine, that is). 
We're excited to add this to our arsenal of tools to bring awesome products to all of you wonderful people! Check out the video above to see how we did our first (i.e. actually second) project on our X-Carve.
Also, if any of you would like to see any "how-to's" or other videos along those lines, drop me a line. I am toying with a couple of different ideas and love input!
Thanks for reading!

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