So I did a thing...

So I did a thing...
Okay, okay...I didn't ACTUALLY retire, but in a sense I did. I believe Ryan (or maybe it was Josh?) from The Minimalists once said that retiring is just stopping what you hate doing and that's what I did. Okay, the word "HATE" is a strong word; let's just say it was a job that did not fulfill me intrinsically despite its ability to provide me a sound income that paid the bills. 
November 30, 2018 marked my LAST and FINAL day at my "job" and December 1, 2018 marked my first day of self-employment (technically December 3, 2018 since it's a Monday, because let's be real...who starts their work week on a Saturday?).
Let's be honest for a moment. I was scared sh*tless when I decided to resign from my job. Fear and anxiety reared their ugly head.
Many negative thoughts plagued me:
"What if you fail?"
"What are you going to do about money?"
"What will others think?"
"Are you sure you want to "quit"?
"You do make a good salary."
"You don't have a 'plan.'"
"You have a son, a 

fiancée and two pups that depend on you..."


"You have a mortgage, bills, debt that you need to pay."



I also experienced A LOT of ANXIETY before I even submitted my letter of resignation. I didn't sleep and I constantly questioned myself. 


LUCKILY, I have a wonderful partner and love of my life that gave me a TON of support and encouragement to pursue what made me happy. We only live once, right? Plus, why spend the remainder of my years doing something where the only value in it was the false security of a steady paycheck to make ends meet? 



So I jumped and I am currently loving the fall (side note - FALL is my favorite season). Given it is only DAY 1, but I am now on a new path to find and pursue my mission. That mission is to do what I love. 



Do I have a plan? The short answer - Yes. Do I have all the details to that plan? Again, the short answer - No. 


Now to some who might be in the same boat OR planning to jump, the thought of not having a fully thought-out plan can be nauseating. For me, it's amazing! Scary AF, but amazing. Why? Because, while the details aren't written the end goal is! If I've learned anything about myself in the 37 years of my life, it's that I don't plan everything to a "T." 



When I want to make something, I see the final product first. When I want to build something, I see the final piece. Basically when I want to do ANYTHING in my life, I tend to SEE where I want to go and then I figure out how to get there. 


So that's what this's a new path that I see "WHERE" I want to go and I am excited at where that path will go.

And to put those negative questions or thoughts to rest: 

"What if you fail?" - If I do, so what. I can always get another "job." 

"What are you going to do about money?" - Hustle my @ss off and make it happen!

"What will others think?" - It doesn't matter one effing bit. 

"Are you sure you want to "quit"? - F*CK YES!

"You do make a good salary." - Yeh, but imagine what I COULD be making! 

"You don't have a 'plan.'" - Yes, I do; so shut the eff up!

"You have a son, a fiancée and two pups that depend on you..." - That is still true. 

"You have a mortgage, bills, debt that you need to pay." - That is also true.

So to that end, I am falling.

Not like this:


But more like this:


BUT I'm loving every step of the way! (See what I did there?) 

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  • Lauren

    CONGRATS!!! This is so exciting! I’m so happy for you and pumped for your future! :)

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