Hi! My name is Michael and I am the Maker behind The Stitching Horse. The Stitching Horse officially started in 2016, but unofficially began many years before that. I found myself tinkering with mixed mediums and eventually found my love for leather, wood and waxed canvas. Until recently, much of what I made or designed was given as gifts to my family and friends. After many amazing words of encouragement and support from loved ones, I am now honored and happy to be sharing my passion with a wider group of folks.The Stitching Horse offers handcrafted items made from leather, wood and waxed canvas. Nothing gives me more pleasure than using raw or reclaimed materials, creating something new, and giving them a renewed purpose in life.

When I am not in my shop, I love spending time with the two people that make life worth living: Danielle, my biggest supporter and the love of my life and Cohen, my incredibly smart and talented 6-year-old. We also are parents to two happy-go-lucky crazy puppies.

If you’re local to the Bucks County area, you can often find me at the Perkasie Farmers Market (Saturdays from June – October) as well as other upcoming craft and trade shows. Feel free to stop by and say “hi!”

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